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What are your diesel injectors doing?

This is the site where you will find INFORMATION and PARTS to help fix your DIESEL problems. If you’re new to Diesel find out ‘How a Diesel Engine Works‘ on our GENERAL INFORMATION PAGE


Check out these Suspects….diesel injectors Glow Plugs (and Relay), Blocked Fuel Filter, Air in System, Fuel Contamination, Faulty/worn injectors..


Running smoothly, plenty of power, economic to run… follow our easy tips to keep your car running well !


Common Diesel Engine Problems

Solve your diesel engine problems with these easy checks! Make Your Car Start and Run Better and Go Further with this useful common advice to avoid problems and easily diagnose current and future issues..
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Diesel – A Quick tour

Common rail diesel.   Most modern diesels run on the common rail system.

To check if your system is common rail have a look at the injectors;  if they have wires running to them they are electronic and your system is common rail.

Earlier diesel was mainly mechanical and is called rotary.





Avoid Cars with a PDF at all costs

Dont buy any car fitted with a DPF ( diesel particulate filter ) I recently read this on a car forum and it got me thinking…… Learn more