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Wrong fuel in your diesel car?

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Wrong fuel in your diesel car ?

older diesel engines were more tolerant,  modern diesel engines don’t like petrol but
DON’T PANIC –  this is going to be the hardest advice of all for you to accept –

Yes really do not panic.

Do not drive the car. If you have started it stay calm and switch off
Call a specialist for help to drain the tank and refill with clean, pure diesel.

In this article my advice is based on what I have heard and read about misfueling diesel cars.

If you have never misfuelled (wonderful smug feeling) good!

If you have, try to console yourself that 150 thousand people (and you) per year misfuel their diesel vehicles in the UK!….now read on

Nozzle size matters and yes they are different!

Try to avoid putting the wrong fuel in your diesel car or van by noticing some basic things about the fuel pumps on the garage forecourt.

take the time to look at the difference nozzles that you see on fuel pumps on the garage forecourt

the petrol nozzle (on the end of the filler)  is narrow,  the diesel one is much wider

Yes size does matter.

Usually you cannot fit the diesel nozzle into a petrol car filler;  unfortunately the petrol  nozzle will fit into your diesel car.

What to do if you misfuel

If you do put petrol into a diesel car it is unlikely to cause  any damage if you have only started the engine for  a few minutes
do not top up the petrol with diesel and try to drive. it might end up causing expensive damage.

if you have put in say 40 litres of petrol get a specialist to help you drain the tank….. this is not a diy job

Don’t phone a main dealer – you might get rinsed!

Beware of scare stories some people will tell you. Some dealers have been accused of doing work that wasn’t  necessary…
“If you have misfueld you will often phone your dealership, who will most likely ask you to have the car recoverd to them for “extensive repairs”….. this is normally unnecessary.”

The First thing to do is…….
always consider getting a fuel drain first then decide if any damage has been done

What about alternative fuel?


Biofuel is an excellent idea once again it seems to work better in the older type of diesel engine.
biofuel seems to work better in some engines than others. some diesel specialists claim that it damages injectors and pumps  as well as things like rubber hoses and seals

Red diesel

beware of red diesel it is illegal its leaves a trace in your tank if you are stopped by customs and excise the fine is likely to be heavy.

Stolen diesel

beware of stolen diesel it is often contaminated with water

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