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Cutting down on the amount you spend on diesel (or petrol)

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Diesel fuel prices up…..Yes fuel keeps on going up…

With diesel  fuel costs soaring, saving on fuel has become even more urgent than before.

Change your driving style…it may save diesel!

A few sensible changes in driving style as well as using common sense can make a lot of difference on ultimately how much you spend on fuel in a month.

Many of us  love speed but keeping the accelerator  pedal flat till the last minute and then braking sharply is going to cost you more fuel.

So, keep an eye on the traffic conditions ahead and get off the accelerator as you see traffic slowing down ahead.

This way your car will move forward on its own momentum, letting you save some fuel.

However, if the car is stationary, then don’t keep the engine idling, immediately switch off.

It is a good idea to maintain a steady speed when the road is clear as excessive accelerating lowers fuel efficiency.

Diesel cars do not like to be over-revved!

Another way to cut down on fuel consumption is changing gears at the right time.

Ordinarily one should change gear without labouring the engine(revs too low) and without over-revving  it (revs too high)
A general rule of thumb is to go by the sound of the engine.

But the following things also make a great deal of difference in how much you spend on diesel.  These are simpler to enforce than changing a driving style that has become a habit.

The simplest is keeping the fuel cap tightly on to prevent fuel evaporation.

Lose weight…nothing personal. The lighter your car the less disel it uses

Often people leave things in the car for the off-chance that they might need it sometime.
But all this just adds to the weight.

Remember, the heavier the car, the more fuel it is going to consume.
If you are not using the roof rack to carry anything, then this is the first thing that should come off your car as it offers a lot of resistance, producing drag.

Another thing that produces drag is open windows at high speed.
Often the advice is to use the air conditioning only if really needed as it consumes a certain amount of fuel. However one needs to maintain a balance, keep the windows lowered if the weather is good and you are driving at an average speed.

But on high speeds roll up the windows and put on the air conditioning.

A small thing which is so easy to overlook is tyre pressure.
If it is low then it is again going to produce drag and increase fuel consumption.

More maintenance means less diesel fuel

The condition of your car also influences fuel consumption.
In diesels, injector problems can spoil fuel efficiency, while in petrols spark plugs are the major culprit.
Regular servicing and cleaning up air filters, fuel filters, injectors, oil checks and so on not only saves on fuel but also keeps harmful emissions down.

In these days of high fuel costs it is really worthwhile to introduce some lifestyle changes.
It is quicker to take the car for short trips nearby, but you would be amazed at the amount you can save by just walking down.
A little bit of planning is also a smart way to save money on fuel.
Instead of rushing out for everything, plan ahead and try to get all the work done in one trip.
One thing that most of us avoid is carpool.
But if you and your friends are headed in the same direction daily both of you can cut down on fuel costs remarkably.

Other than these, one can also reduce fuel bills by smart shopping.
One can fill up at stations with the lowest rates in the area.
Then, you can also utilize schemes run by various supermarkets and cash credit companies that help you get a discount on fuel.

The key is to make a multi-pronged effort and not focus on just one fuel saving technique.

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