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Remanufactured diesel parts can be better than new

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Fixing your diesel? Are remanufactured parts any good?

What is a remanufactured part? Check out the experts view here

There is a growing realization that quite often parts that are replaced in diesel cars still have a lot of life left in them.

If remanufacturing is done properly the parts are as good as new
and in some ways can be even better! Hard to believe? read on……

For example an injector could fail with worn seals. Replace them and it’s as good as new.

In some cases it  could be  remanufactured to perform even better than the original!

Raising awareness on the part of the general public can help reduce wastage.

Most people consider remanufactured goods to be second-best, but the reality is quite different. Remanufactured goods are not just repaired, they are dismantled, cleaned and all faulty parts replaced to the extent that it performs as good as new.
In fact, in some cases their original shortcomings are taken care of to provide a better performance than the original.
For instance, remanufactured and reconditioned diesel injectors are much more economical than new ones.
Not only are the seals and gaskets replaced, but any worn out part is replaced altogether to conform to OEM specifications.

Basically, when a particular part is remanufactured, it goes through several steps.

It is first dismantled and only parts that can be salvaged are retained while the rest are thrown away.

Next, the parts that are fit to be re-used are cleaned and put through certain processes such as welding, rewinding, machining and so on to bring it to the OE level.
Then it is reassembled using remanufactured parts along with new parts where needed.
Lastly, they are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they are up to the standard.

When the assembly is dismantled down to the basic components, the underlying fault becomes obvious making it easier to upgrade it in such a way that it compensates for the fault that caused the part to malfunction in the first place.

It also becomes possible to innovate and to add the latest technology that has only become available at the time of remanufacturing.

Most companies that are known in the remanufacturing sector for diesels adhere to stringent standards and offer goods that are at par, if not better than the original.

In fact, OE, original equipment standards are maintained at all costs.
Moreover, they offer a warranty on their products.
In addition to this, they help to save a lot of money as one saves upon the cost of the core which rarely gets damaged.

There is a general tendency by car owners to replace with new parts instead of re-using  remanufactured parts.

But if one stops to think, remanufactured parts are better for the environment too as you recycle whatever is in good condition, throwing out only things that are totally scrapped.

Starters and alternators are ideal for remanufacture;  in these days of stop-start technology  these are  parts that are worn out quite easily.

But a key condition is that the part that had been originally fitted in the diesel car should have been of high quality.

There are cheap options available that are in the same price range of remanufactured parts but their life-span is probably quite short.

Quality remanufactured goods generally last much longer and  a careful search is necessary.

Generally speaking, the only way you can judge that you are getting a good remanufactured part is by utilizing the services of a service centre that values its reputation or has an internationally recognised ISO quality standard.

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