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The dangers of counterfeit parts

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Counterfeit parts. Why they are so dangerous in a high speed diesel car

Counterfeit parts. Why they are so dangerous in a high speed diesel car

There is growing concern regarding the danger of using counterfeit parts in a high speed diesel car.
Diesel engines are based on the principle of self ignition.
High temperatures are reached when air is compressed which ignites diesel fuel atomized under high pressure.
Therefore diesel engines operate under extremely high pressure conditions.
This is why its parts are heavier so that they can withstand the load being put upon them.

Counterfeits on the other hand are made as light as possible so that the manufacturer makes the maximum profit.
Moreover, counterfeit manufacturers only pay attention to the outward appearance of the product, they are not concerned with the internal robustness of the part.
They will compromise with quality as well as quantity.
This can give rise to very dangerous situations as cars move at very high speeds.
A sudden mechanical failure of a crucial engine part can be the cause of loss of power, braking failures and so on.

Most of the time, however, counterfeit parts are unlikely to have such a dramatic impact.
But they will insidiously damage other parts in the engine.
For instance, a counterfeit fuel filter that does not clean the fuel efficiently will eventually damage diesel injectors.
This in turn will lead to poor fuel economy as well as higher levels of harmful emissions.
Counterfeit suspension parts will cause misalignment and these ill-fitting parts will affect other parts leading to more wear and tear.
As they do not correspond to OEM specifications, their performance will be poor and they are more likely to snap or malfunction.
Diesel cars today are very sophisticated machines with very precise technology.
Malfunction of a particular part can bring the entire car to a stop.
Further, broken parts can also cause internal damage and bring about total engine failure.
Parts like bearings, valves, belts, sensors are essential parts of the engine and if these are counterfeit they basically weaken the whole engine.
What you will face is frequent service and maintenance costs and in diesels this can be a costly affair.
In the long run the little money that you save in buying a cheap counterfeit part is offset by frequent trips for repairing.

So, what can the average diesel car owner do to protect his car from such counterfeit parts. First and foremost, choose the service centre carefully.
A centre which values its reputation and guarantees its work will never knowingly use fake parts.
Another way to recognize counterfeit parts is, of course inspecting the packing and the part closely.
However, this only works if you are aware of what to look for.
Most counterfeits are very difficult to differentiate on the surface.
One should be especially wary if there is a remarkable difference in rates as there cannot possibly be a huge cost difference in genuine parts.

The most horrifying aspect of counterfeit parts is that they are often parts that affect the safety and efficiency of the diesel car.
They are not limited merely to body parts.
This can have serious consequences and it is up to car owners to remain alert and refuse to use parts that they suspect to be counterfeit.

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