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A poor quality filter could be a hidden enemy in your engine

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The modern common rail diesel engine is very efficient.

But because it works at very high pressure even very small particles of dirt can cause big damage.

different quality filters

 “Good oil is great, but a nasty filter makes it pointless”

Small particles of dirt, air, water or waxing getting into the system can spell the end for injectors, pumps or even the entire system.

The smaller the particle the greater the damage it can do. We’re talking microns here.


So the correct quality of filter is crucial. Fitting cheap,  low quality,  market alternative or counterfeit filters is definitely false economy.

“If its cheap, its cheap for a reason”

Add to this invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty and fitting a top quality Delphi, Mann or Wix  filter makes sound economic sense.

Fitting the filter is a job you can definitely consider doing yourself.There are many helpful websites and youtube videos  if you need a helping hand

Its difficult to ignore the attraction of lower price but when it comes to quality your  head should rule your  heart.

good and poor quality filters

poor quality materials can lead to damage

Diesel does not like dirt and diesel does not like contamination. Common rail is even more fussy.

Because of the high pressures they operate under common rail diesel systems are very sensitive to dirt in the Form if water, air bacteria etc.

One make of filter can claim to be as good as the original equipment fitted to a diesel engine.

Unfortunately this is often far from the truth.

When quality is poor unfortunately everyone from wholesaler to retailer to final Customer gets duped.

The Mann filter company has sampled a lot of filters and found some pretty horrifying results.

Cheap steel  rusting housings, filter materials with very low surface area and made of poor quality material.

By pass valves that don’t seal properly or operate at the correct pressure and seals that are such poor quality they won’t survive til the next service.

Unfortunately what goes on inside a component like a filter is unseen and may only come to light when the damage has been done.

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