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Can you get more power and more performance from your diesel?

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What is ECU remapping? Does it mean more power from your diesel?

Most drivers know that basic maintenance will keep your diesel engine in the peak of fitness but is it possible to go further than that and improve performance?
Is it possible to remap the ECU and get more power and torque from your diesel engine?

Clive Atthowe Tuning of Norwich here claim that you can. They have teamed up as a tuning partner with Oscarli.

Since 2009 certain cars with Bosch equipment have been fitted with locked or anti tamper tri-core ecu’s.
It is claimed these cannot be remapped.
Clive Atthowe beg to differ:

Tricore  ECUs can be remapped

“people are often told that these new Tricore  ECUs cannot be remapped ….this simply is not true! “

Their website article goes on to say software on vehicles is not “locked”   nor is it  “anti-tamper”  software.

They claim that if you know what you are doing and have the right equipment these latest systems can be modified and tuned to give more power and torque.

They say it is the tuners without the knowledge of the latest diesel systems and lacking the appropriate equipment to deal with tri-core diesel ECU’s who maintain, incorrectly that these systems can’t be modified.

Essential components are things like the diesel fuel pump

If you have a diesel car you will be aware that the essential components are things like the diesel fuel pump, the diesel injectors and the ECU.
The ECU is the brain controlling the performance of the engine.

Of course the engine is sometimes ticking over and at other times pulling hard going up hill or overtaking on the motorway.
The ECU has to provide more or less fuel diesel fuel depending on the demands of the driving situation.

When the diesel car or diesel van manufacturers are programming the ECU they have to aim for an average type of situation.
They will program the ECU to what is recognized as average speeds, average consumption and average power requirements.
The diesel manufacturers do not have the time or inclination to program to get the maximum power and torque from a particular engine; in short they have to be satisfied with aiming for the average.

You can find a competent tuning specialist near you

There are many tuners in the diesel market place who claim they can modify the files in your ECU to give you a greater power output from your diesel engine.

This modification applies to diesel cars and diesel vans from around 1996 on; in fact any common rail diesel vehicle.

The tuner aims to balance “original reliability, fuel consumption and driving style” with an increase in power and torque.

Some, like Oscarli, claim to be able to give you as much as 30 percent increase in power and torque.

Of course in the world of diesel vehicles there are many variations of software. There is software for diesel cars, passenger vehicles, light commercial and heavy commercial as well as marine and agricultural.

Through the power of software controlling the modern engine, vehicles can have speed limiters, power and torque limiters, diesel particulate filters and catalytic converter controllers as well as fault code controllers all built into the software program.

Most of these features can be modified or even deactivated if desired.

Oscarli deals with trade customers only but if you want your diesel car modified you can go onto their website
where you will be directed to your local tuning reseller

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