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The decline of the Diesel

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Is Diesel in decline?

Lots of diesel cars are bought new. And the buyers are often the firms which buy company cars. They like diesel because its cheap to run and the cars hold their price when time comes to sell them on.

But what about all the new types of cars that are coming onto the market now. There’s hybrid cars; these are often petrol electric. Electric for when you’re in town traffic and petrol to recharge the battery and make sure you don’t get stranded.

Euro 6 emissions regulations are on the way.
Most of these changes are coming along because of the increasingly lower emissions regulations.

Here’s a few factoids to get us started:
2002 – 23% of new cars were diesel engine powered
by 2005 37%, 2008 44% and reached the top in 2011 at 51%.
This year 2013 they have fallen back to 49%. And guess what , its the petrol car that’s pushing them back not electric or hybrid cars. Electric cars are nowhere to be seen accounting for only 1.3% of new car sales!

Why are petrol cars putting in this challenge? Are petrol engined cars making a come-back?

Look around you.
The price of diesel has been higher per litre for diesel compared to petrol for some time. Added to this is the high cost of buying a diesel car in the first place and secondly the higher cost of maintaining and repairing it when it goes wrong or worn parts need replacing.

Petrol is doing well. Lots of people in the know, like the company car buyers, reckon that diesel only makes sense if you’re driving more than 15,000 miles a year
This is truer now as petrol engines have greatly improved in
terms of how fuel efficient they are ,heir performance and their emission levels

Small petrol engine cars like Ford’s Fiesta are good to drive and efficient too and all on just a 1 litre 3 cylinder turbocharged engine. In addition to these qualities these little cars with big performance also produce low levels of CO2 ; vital because both vehicle excise duty and company car tax liability are worked out according to carbon-dioxide emission levels.

There is a lot going on in the development of petrol engine cars that is probably going to be good for some consumers. Part of the problem for diesel is meeting the new emissions levels required by the new Euro 6
emissions regulations. In addition to the rise and rise of small efficient and fun to drive petrol cars there is the phenomenon of the City car. Cars like the Ford Ka, the Fiat 500 and the Citroen C1 as well as VW and Skoda and Kia.

But if you’re a fan of diesel don’t be persuaded that diesel is going away anytime soon. What is probably going to happen is a slowing of the steady growth of diesel that has taken place over the last 20 years
People in the form of customers like diesel. There is a generation of customers who think diesel is the best. They like diesel because of it’s fuel economy, and it’s low down grunt.And just as petrol has evolved so too will diesel. Big companies like Toyota and BMW are developing new diesel designs. It’s good news for consumers that there will be plenty of improvements to chose from as new hybrids come along.

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