Changing Injector Nozzles

Where to find the nozzle stamping number?

Changing Injector Nozzles – You can watch our YouTube video here
Firmly mount the ichange noz 5njector upside down in a vice.
Using a 27mm deep socket carefully  unscrew the nozzle retaining nut to expose the nozzle itself – usually chrome coloured


change noz 2Unscrewing the nozzle retaining nut
unscrew the nozzle nut using a 27mm deep socket. Turn anti-clockwise.
Don’t  worry if your socket doesn’t have a window like the one in the picture.
n.b. you should use a window socket if the injector has a sensor wire.
Socket available on amazon ebay

Ready to change the nozzle

When you lift away the nozzle retaining nut you will see the nozzle.
Now you are ready to remove it and replace it with the new one.change noz 3


Finishing the job

The picture on the right shows nozzle, retaining nut and injector.change 4
Now you are ready to fit the new nozzle, replace the retaining nut and tighten back down.
I use a torque wrench and tighten Ford and Peugeot injectors down to 100 NM.
Please do not take my word for it but use your own judgement.
If in doubt consult a specialist.