Denso fuel pressure sensors

Pictures and information about Denso type fuel pressure sensors

This page is about Denso fuel pressure sensors

Denso alternate side brownThe Denso CR system is fitted into a wide range of vehicles like:

Toyota, Mazda, Opel/Vauxhall,

Isuzu, Ford Transit, Land Rover Defender

Sensor pictured on the left has a brown top. It is smaller than the black top but they have a similar design style. For more information read Denso fuel pressure sensors – a new post


The high pressure pump, the common rail and other components will be marked with ‘Denso’

Denso brown top view

Denso alternate side brown

Denso alternate side #2  brown





When identifying a Denso fuel pressure sensor:

check part number – usually stamped into one face of  the metal heaxagon nut
Check colour of plastic female plug
Check size and configuration of the 3 pins inside the plug


The Denso common rail system

The CR system works on a very simple idea. A hollow rail  (really a tube)  is filled with pressurized diesel fuel by the action of a high pressure pump.

 Click here for Denso’s own page showing high pressure pump

This rail is a reservoir of highly pressurized fuel (up to 1,800 bar)  always available to the injectors whatever the demands being made on the engine. The pressure in the rail is signalled to the Engine management unit by the FUEL PRESSURE SENSOR and adjusted by an electromagnetic valve REGULATOR  on the high pressure pump.

Click here for Denso’s own page showing rail and pressure sensor