Ford TDCI Injector Codes

Ford TDCi Injector

Programming Correction codes into the ECU for  Ford TDCi Injector

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This page shows you how…..

To view and program Ford TDCi injector codes into the engine management system.

Also called ‘correction’ injector codes

To optimise fuel economy and emissions, at the same time improving drivability.

When is it used?
There are three common situations that demand this function.

  1. After Injector replacement
  2. Fuel injection system ‘calibration’
  3. To cure drivability problems.

The diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P2338* can often be fixed by re-entering the existing 4 injector codes.

Lack of power, black smoke and the presence of DTC’s*  P2336,  P2337,
* diagnostic trouble codes

Which Ford vehicles do these injection codes apply to?

   Ford vehicles fitted with Delphi injectors

Mondeo 00-05(Added to s/w V3.41) 2.0 DuraTorq TDCiEMS – EECV HJBA/HJBB/HJBCFMBA/N7BA
Focus 01-05(To be implemented) 1.8 DuraTorq TDCiEMS – EECV FFDA/F9DA/F9DB
Transit 01-05(To be implemented) 2.0 DuraTorq TDCiEMS – EECV FIFA
2.4 DuraTorq TDCiEMS – EECV H9FA

Procedure: delphi diesel injector

Each of the injectors has a 16 digit calibration code stamped on to the body; these can also be found on a label on the engine rocker top if it has not been removed.

The identification label. One with the barcode to the left of the donorspares logo ford rocker coverCAUTION: This will show the codes of the 4 factory fitted injectors,  these may be different to the current ones! The four 16 digit injector codes are listed in firing order, not cylinder order. Top left is injector 1(Cyl1), Top right is injector 2(Cyl3), Bottom left is injector 3(Cyl4) and Bottom right is injector 4(Cyl2)

The safest way of getting the correct number is  from the injector body itself. This is easy when they are in a box, but a little more awkward when they are in situ.

Example –
Select ‘Ford’ > ‘Engine and Trans’ > ‘Mondeo’ > ‘DuraTorq 2.0 TDCi’
After initial communications have been made select ‘Additional Functions’ from the main menu…..
Other Information:
ƒ On earlier model years (approx pre-2002) it is not possible to read the actual injector codes.
On these vehicles you will see ’00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00’
ƒ It is important to check the codes carefully before entering them. It is very easy to mistake a ‘C’ for a ‘0’ etc when looking at the codes.
ƒ After entering an injector code the fuel system will initially run without any pilot injection sequence. The car must be driven for a few miles to correct this.