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Most European vehicles are fitted with Bosch diesel injection equipment
bosch common rail injector

Early Bosch injectors like the one pictured left usually have a gray plastic top

On this type of Bosch injector the bleed-off  pipe (carries away excess, unused fuel)
plugs into the top of the injector.

The fuel input pipe is bolted to the side input fixing.

You will find the 10 digit Bosch id number printed into the gray top – it starts
0445 110 – – –


Siemens injectors are fitted to many popular vehicles. E.g. Ford, Peugeot 1.4 and 1.6. Volkswagen etc.

siemens common rail diesel injectorSiemens injectors usually have a black top (the solenoid)
siemens 10 digit id   number starts,  for example , 9645 474 – – –

Denso Injectors are also fitted to  a range of vehicles including  Transit , Mazda, Toyota etc
denso common rail diesel injector

Denso Id numbers are printed on the side of the injector
Usually requires removal of the injector from the cylinder head

Id numbers like 6Q 1C 190