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Top Quality Diesel Repairs that don't cost the earth.

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Diesel Repairs – do you want to pay main-dealer prices for repairs?

The rise and rise of diesel

for the first time people are buying and registering more new diesel cars than petrol

So it is no surprise that the demand for diesel parts is growing as well.
So what are the repairs your diesel might need and how can you get best value for money?

best value for money

Getting value for Your money

The UK market  for diesel parts is probably worth more than £250 million per annum
because  diesels are complicated and when they go wrong they can cause expensive problems.

Here we discuss some of the problems that occur as the miles on your diesel car increase

Diesel particulate filters

Diesel particulate filters are in the news.

They recently featured  on the BBC Watchdog program.

Angry customers told the program they didn’t know what to do to clean the filter when it gets blocked –

Short journeys are what most people do and short journeys
do not allow the filter to get hot enough to begin regeneration (burning out the sooty particles).

As a result the filter may block and deteriorate enough that a new filter is required.

If you need a new filter it is a job an independent garage can do for a  much keener price than the main dealer;
and sometimes the filter can be cleaned by a specialist company.

“One car  we had our workshop had a diesel particulate filter that registered a complete blockage. The customer has been quoted almost £2000 pounds by the dealer for a new filter. We used our treatment and quickly  the  blockage dropped to 3 percent.That was all it required. We then just cleared the error code and gave the happy customer  an invoice 4 a lot less then he was expecting “  Specialist cleaning company TJ Hall

Diesel fuel technology is not new,  but it is constantly changing.
There are  new challenges like stricter emission controls
but usually there is someone who finds a way to repair the problem – like the filter cleaning company.

Some DPF’s can be damaged if you use the wrong type of oil.

The kind of oil required by some DPF’s and catalytic converters
is low in sulphated ash and other harmful components.

The danger is if you’re  trying to save money and use the wrong kind of oil
you could be storing up trouble for the dpf in the future.

High pressure pump problems and common rail diesel injectors

If you have a problem with the high pressure pump get more information maybe consult a specialist.

Some problems are simply contamination;  sometimes it can be the fuel pressure regulator on the pump and not the pump itself which is causing the problem.

Common  rail diesel injectors work on very fine tolerances,
but sometimes problems can be something as simple as an electrical connector.
Check these before doing more complex repairs.

engine warning lights
dual mass flywheels
e g r valves
special semi synthetic oil
common rail diesel injectors

high pressure fuel pumps
fuel pressure regulators
diesel glow plugs